Family Guy Season 8 Premiere- Road to the Multiverse


Season 8 of Family Guy is finally here, and tonight the newest episode, Road to the multiverse” aired on Fox.  The torrents are already up on the piratebay, and it was quite a good show.  My only problem with the new family guy episodes is the fact that they keep trying to out do themselves.  Although the episode was really funny, including the scene where they go to the multiverse where everyone has to poop all the time, it leaves you wanting to watch just a regular episode of the show without multiverses or 17th century stories.

The highlight for me was being able to see a version of Brian the dog as a human, who naturally gets hit by a car in the end before he can see the world.  Regardless, I’m excited for the new season, as we all are, and can’t wait to see what lines Seth Macfarlane and the rest of the writing crew cross this year.  So below is a pretty good preview of the episode….


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New video coming soon

The elevator music composers, or Musicians formerly known as Wonderham, will be debuting in a few weeks. Filming wrapped yesterday on a successful shoot. The short film documents 2 elevator musicians pithing their new album, the potion of love 100 stories up.


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Uncle Touchy’s Naked Puzzle Basement

Epic Comedian Patton Oswalt recently came out with his new stand up special, ‘My weakness is strong’.  I just finished watching it and I have to say, it tickled me in a way that if a girl tickled me in that way I’d say, ooohhh that’s nice.  You can check it out on comedy central, which notoriously over plays specials into the ground.

The special is classic Oswalt, who makes fun of himself for being fat, dorky, and all around lazy.  I had to stop a few times because I was laughing so hard.  Random lines like “Come on down to uncle touchy’s naked puzzle basement”, come out of nowhere.

He talks about his fame and fortune, like finding nemo and having to talk to kids, which isn’t his strong point.  If you haven’t gotten in to Patton Oswalt or his work on shows like King of Queens or the new movie, “Funny People”, I suggest you check it out.

Patton has developed a huge following over the years as he has perfected his delivery and material.  It’s nice to see a famous comedian still standing there wiith a mic in his hand, even though he doesn’t have to, maybe it’s therapeutic for him.

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