Robots will inherit the universe

MIT's Nexi

Now this idea actually comes from my original posting on the National Examiner and also in part by Ray Kurzweil, but it should be considered nonetheless.  Below is my short argument for why a Star Wars like existence won’t happen, but a robotic one can, and will.  The key is not destroying ourselves until after the Technological Singularity has given us the technology to create entities that surpass our intelligence.

Humans are stuck on earth because we need it for sustenance and energy. We’ve had the technology to go out into space for a while now but it seems we are tethered to the blue planet indirectly. Humans need oxygen, but fortunately we can build machines that we call robots that don’t. We may have trouble getting off this planet for good, but we can build machines that can.



September 24, 2009. Random Rants. 2 comments.